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I was reading a novel today and in the storyline they were mentioning how this young woman was frustrated because she was trying to be the” supermom”. I hardly ever hear that terminology anymore. In fact the last time that I was familiar with it was back when I was a young woman in the 1960s and 1970s when the feminist movement was singing their song and fighting their fight on every venue possible. I started to think how we have evolved so quickly as a culture which relationships are becoming more like partnerships and the” supermom” status has just become the normal life of a young woman’s motherhood and wife. I guess the good thing that has come out of this is all of the new advances in technology as well as home appliances and tools that do things quicker and easier. Vehicles that accommodate the children, pleasure driving and efficient on gas. It was very difficult to accomplish everything 30 years ago but it makes me feel the struggle was worth it because it obviously paved the way to new innovative inventions that at least opens up the opportunities for young women now. They do not have to choose career or home life but can blend them in ways I could only dream of when my family was young.

When I Am Old

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When I grow old I shall wear golden clips

in my silver hair and soft blue comfort clothes.

I will spend my social security checks on good books,

junk food, and special feed for my beloved animals.

I will sit in the evenings in my living room and

watch crazy people on TV and listen

to my Dogs snore.

I will rise before dawn when everything’s asleep

and take my strong coffee and my dogs outside to

watch the birds and squirrels wake up.

I will wear my rainbow colored socks and my

soft old house shoes as I feed them all

until their bellies hang.

When people come to visit I will  smile and nod as

I show them my special friends that await my

first movement every morning with eyes full of love.


I know I am getting older but I am not afraid for

they will love me and keep me smiling.

They are a part of me and they understand

what words can not say

They ask for nothing in return except

love and food

They appreciate my presence in their lives

When I am old they will be pearls

upon my neck

Song of a Soul

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Have  a relationship with a rich man

But don’t stay until you get hard

Have a relationship with a poor man

But don’t stay until you are soft


Don’t misunderstand love as weakness

Don’t misunderstand weakness as love


Honor your dreams regardless of

What people say

Don’t crush another’s dreams for

The sake of reality


Never take hope away from another

It may be all they have

Never hope more than you are

Willing to work


Remember the Cheetah that lives in your heart

But know that it is there only to save you

Remember the Dove that lives in your Soul

But know it will not protect you