Loving Camping

Since I was a small child I loved camping. The smells, the raw beauty and the fascination of natures diversity. My families idea of a perfect vacation was camping and since my father was an expert on species, trees, the stars and much more it was exciting to learn from him. He didn’t learn all this from school but rather from his passion all his life to preserve it and honor it. I have my own passion not only for camping but trout fishing. I will share areas from time to time that are sacred to me and bring me to my knees in the absolute beauty of it all.

My favorite place of all is Roaring River State Park in Cassville, Missouri. Camping here after a hectic week is like a two-day bubble bath of luxury in distressing my life.

river4 roaring river 1

This is the mouth of the underground cave the sparkling water flows from.

river9river 3

In the Fall the trees are beautiful. In mornings the mist from the ice cold water rises like a mystical cloud.

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