Life’s Speed Bumps


I called this page “life’s speed bumps” because that’s what crisis is. You get over them. They slow you down, they are annoying, they are frustrating and often painful but you get over them.  Hopefully the stories and information on this page can shine a light on someone’s dark night of the Soul.

ME – Divorce from my best friend who I loved to the depths of my Soul. Another woman and drinking left me with three daughters, no career and a loneliness that was suffocating. Remarried to a narcissist who was controlling and emotionally void who I tried in vain to change.

1989-On my own. Strange illness enveloped me and pushed me into a 3 month coma. Left with disabilities of neurological, muscle deterioration and hand contractures. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at 13 years old. But, I was left with my inner strength, my courage and my determination. My daughter survived and stayed in remission. After I learned to walk again we moved to Missouri where I just retired from a 23 year career as a Disability Advocate empowering others with disabilities to push over their own speed bumps. My children all grew up strong and have had plenty of their own speed bumps that they understand they posses the courage and strength to walk over them. I will list resources and examples of some pretty hard stuff we have conquered on here and how we did it. I encourage you to share your own experiences and ideas also.

2015 – My granddaughter Raven is 16. She is a talented singer, a writer who aspires to be an author. She has a bright intelligent mind and is passionate about her friends. She has a beautiful spirit and can put anything and everything in perspective with her extortionary sense of humor. One more thing, she has leukemia. The reason I didn’t mention that first is because she doesn’t put it first either. Also, the heavy steroids given with the chemotherapy destroyed all her joints and now she has many, many surgeries to endure. She is in her third year of treatment for leukemia and will finish early next year. It has been an awful journey, painful, nauseated, exhausting but she never gave up her beautiful smile and her positive attitude. She will survive and she has done it with grace, courage and strength.

rav at mercy

RAVEN – Our Hero

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