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We are the wing of the crow that left never to return

Time calls and we fly swiftly pushing ebony feathers along blue sky

No stop to rest, no time to question fate as our souls do yearn

Harsh and strong they glide for they know the secret why


We are the wing of the crow our spirits free once more

Years of life pass by and still we travel far and wide

The wings of night searching for our destiny evermore

Longing not for what we’ve lost but seeking what we hide


We are the wing of the crow sleek and stealth and cold

Focused only on the  distant sirens song our souls must find

A melody so mysterious it taunts us on, it’s message so very old


No eyes can see it sing for it lives inside the mind

We are the wing of the crow that left never to return

We are simple in our message though some would say we roam

But forever we will seek it, forever within us it will burn

It’s not the distance but the joy that will surely take you home.




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I saw the little sparrow today
It was blustery, cold and wet
His wings glistened from the mist
as he clung to a bare skinny branch
too frozen to move to fearful to fly…

The gusts dipped him down and bounced him up
Tiny feet curled tight their desperate hold
Black eyes blinked then held their stare
Feathers fluffed like a warm down coat

I saw the little sparrow bird today
His beak opened once in protest but,
only silence came forth so he buckled down
closer to the limb and called on his strength

Then the Sun came running out and warmed his wings
He shook like a big wet dog
Then pushed hard against the little branch
that once sustained his fearful heart

Springing into a world of possibilities
The cold and rain forgotten
A survivor brave and bold
This little sparrow bird I saw today…..

The Coma

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Mom_Paint_t_Sky_w_Stars_s4wIn 1989 I fell sick from a bacteria found in shell fish. I lay in a coma for over three months & when I woke I wrote this poem from my experience on the other side. it was pretty telling of my future. After not expected to live or ever have a normal life because of nerve damage & muscle loss fate had other ideas. Today I have been employed for a disability advocacy organization for 22yrs. Ive had a very successful life after the coma. I guess my Soul already knew that.

The Coma
My breath swayed then hovered above
my helpless slumbered face
I knew not where it was going nor
could I summon it home as I looked upon
The body my breath had left behind

It was the winter of that year when
things die only to be reborn
And, it was lonely as the silver dust
of moonlight settled coldly on the night

I traveled with my dreamer through starlit galaxies,
gliding soft on silver lavender touching blue and golden wands
Spiraling homeward to discover who I was
And who I am and who I will become

The “I” who was me desired no return
for the land was sweet with nature
and warm from Angels love
as Oracles told of journeys rewarding end.

Then a thousand golden stars began to float
my Spirit back into the light
And I know now what awaits is
destiny’s courage to fight

I felt stronger than when I left
coming back to complete the calling
Still many roads I must restore
One finished and one has just begun

Knowledge brought from deep beyond
fills my waiting senses
And cell-by-cell repair begins
in this mystical mortal dwelling

Moments come when I lose my way
Like groping in the night
But soon a beam bursts forth through ancient mists
And I draw my earthly breath

I wake when spring brings birth anew
as this instrument continues a journey long
I’ve come to keep a long ago promise
as fates now cross the Souls with mine.

I reach for them now as they touch the hand of
The body my breath has left behind.

Song of a Soul

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Have  a relationship with a rich man

But don’t stay until you get hard

Have a relationship with a poor man

But don’t stay until you are soft


Don’t misunderstand love as weakness

Don’t misunderstand weakness as love


Honor your dreams regardless of

What people say

Don’t crush another’s dreams for

The sake of reality


Never take hope away from another

It may be all they have

Never hope more than you are

Willing to work


Remember the Cheetah that lives in your heart

But know that it is there only to save you

Remember the Dove that lives in your Soul

But know it will not protect you